All natural products for you, your family, your pets and your home!

Natural products as gentle as the goats themselves!

The Soap Shack makes natural, hand-crafted soaps, as well as other bath and body products made of goats milk, using old fashioned recipes. Each recipe includes the finest quality skin-loving butters and essential oils that will leave your skin clean, smooth and moisturized. In addition, these soaps are wonderful for those with skin issues because they are created with all natural ingredients.  Plus our hand-crafted soaps are larger than most you’ll find – ours are 3″ x 2.5″, and are 1.5″ thick! That’s at least 1/2″ thicker than others! Each bar is cured for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure that it won’t dissolve quickly and will last far longer.

Not only do we offer incredible skin products, but also products for your pets and your home as well. With all the chemicals in commercial products, you have a choice. Choose natural products. Choose The Soap Shack!

  • Goats Milk Soaps
  • Goats Milk Lotions
  • Bubble Crumble
  • Bath Salts
  • Linen & Air Fresheners
  • Bath Teas
  • Lip Balms & Scrubs
  • Natural Soy Candles

Goat’s milk is known to be a healthy food for inside our bodies,
but as a skincare ingredient, it is a healing miracle.

Goat’s milk is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides. The essential fatty acids have a unique PH similar to humans, so it is less irritating and more easily absorbed by our skin. These fatty acids and triglycerides are super moisturizing.

But there’s more! Goat’s milk contains precious skin minerals like selenium and is loaded with vitamins, particularly vitamin A, the most important vitamin for the skin. As with other milks, goat’s milk contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It assists to gently slough off dead skin cells and helps to hydrate and brighten the skin.

As far as the skin on your body, goat’s milk is a must for your daily shower. With its healing benefits, not only will you notice healthier skin, but one more little glorious thing will happen — you will begin to notice a need for less moisturizer.

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Natural products as gentle as the goats themselves!

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Top 10 Benefits of Goats Milk Soap

  1. Goats milk consists of natural emollients and triglycerides that act as natural moisturizers.
  2. Goats milk is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins like vitamin C, B1, B6, B12, and E.
  3. Goats milk has the closest PH level to our skin which helps protect our skin from invading bacteria and chemicals.
  4. Goats milk soap reduces skin inflammation and soothes dry and damaged skin.
  5. Goats milk soap has alpha-hydroxy acids that soften the skin by breaking down the glue that holds dead skin cells together.
  6. Goats milk soap reduces wrinkles and delays signs of aging.
  7. Goats milk soap is less allergenic than synthetically loaded commercial soaps and detergents.
  8. Goats milk soaps are free from harmful chemicals, and are a very mild soap bar, safe for all skin conditions.
  9. Goats milk soap has been proven to effectively treat acne.
  10. Cleopatra was known for her beauty and amazing skin. Her skin care secret was bathing in goats milk.

About Our Pygmy Goats

As soon as Bobbie Killian, the owner of The Soap Shack, got her first pygmy goat in 2009, she began researching the various products you can make from goats’ milk.  It took her a year of research & development to have enough products to begin selling publicly.

Bobbie’s family now has 8 pygmy goats!  They have been delighted with them – besides being adorable and fun to watch as they play with each other, they are also great for eating the undergrowth. With so many acres, there’s a lot to eat!  They love them so much, more babies will be coming in the spring!

The Soap Shack is well known at the Salisbury/Rowan Farmer’s Market and numerous other local markets and specialty stores in the area.  Find out which retail locations carry The Soap Shack products – not all products are available at all outlets.